Literally it was only two months ago when my own struggle with consistency was at its peak.  I had been continually setting ridiculous dieting goals, and unreasonable study habits that would survive less than two days. After the second day, I would be thinking  “ah I’ll just eat better later” or “eh I’m really fried, I can finish studying tommorow,” which is a whole ‘nuther post on our friend Procrastination.  

Anyways, these unreasonable standards I set for my self is why I failed to maintain any kind of regimen. You must set the bar high, but not so high that when you reach for it, you realize there is no chance in hell you are even coming close to grabbin’ it.

Another part of consistency is having a clear focus. You have to know why your doing what your doing. If you don’t know why your eating that spinach instead of the fried chicken, you will have no reason not to eat the fried chicken. So be aware of the purpose of your actions ok?

One more piece of advice. When starting something new that will require the quite elusive trait that is consistency, find a partner to begin that journey with you. This way you’ll have someone to remind you of your goal, along with the fact that it will induce friendly competition.

Consistency takes practice just as everything else does, so don’t beat yourself up if your not a master at it after even after few weeks.

“Consistency is found in that work whose whole and detail are suitable to the occasion.  It arises from circumstance, custom, and nature.”



You already know what I know, and probably more actually.

I guess this is going to be my first post that is actually relevant to my goal.

Lets identify what that goal is:

I want to provoke thought in people and I want people to provoke thought in me.

Anything that works great or is great was created and enhanced over time.  Lets take blogs for example, all good blogs and bloggers started from the bottom, with there goal in mind, and worked their way up.  They had the determination to defeat the period of time in which their efforts went unnoticed.

That paragraph above is one of my principals that I’m learning to follow. I really should expand but that’ll be for another time.

Finally I want to promote a few podcasts and people that actually motivated me to begin this.

  • Tai Lopez
  • Art of Charm
  • The Hundred Dollar MBA Show
  • Other ones that I can refer to later.

These are sources of knowledge that will help you materialize your goals among other things.

So I’ll leave ya with that.

Getting Exposed

My current state of being.

This is going to take a lot of practice but might as well start now.

This blog is going to run parallel to a startup YouTube channel my friend is starting. We have goals and we want to meet them. But that’s besides the point.

Back to the point.

I recently discovered that I like giving advice on just stuff. Whether or not you listen to it doesn’t matter to me but it’s just me giving my spin on how to survive life. ┬áThat’s what this blog is going to be about.

So let’s get started.